Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Jorge Lomas

Hard work and persistence are nothing new to Jorge. From working with FEMA in the flood-ravaged city of Baton Rouge to assisting with the daily struggles of those who have come to this country to experience “the American dream”, he has repeatedly shown himself a person who is unafraid to get his hands dirty for a good cause. Mindful of the struggles and sacrifices his parents endured to allow him his opportunities, Jorge endeavors to pass their goodwill forward by both participating in public assistance programs and working individually with those who often find a monolingual existence too great an obstacle in achieving their prosperity in America. His efforts will continue past CU Denver as he continues his work as an Immigration Paralegal at Mercy Legal Aid Clinic and assists these populations in achieving computer literacy, particularly in regards to emergency aid response. Your prior good works and great future promise have not gone unnoticed Jorge and Puksta celebrates you!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Chelsea Situmeang

Guided by the optimistic hopes of her parents, Chelsea was a first-generation student who found her footing in service by addressing issues concerning body positivity within Asian American and Pacific Islander women. Hearing the call of public health and ethnic studies, she worked on a video series intended to help and empower AAPI women while focusing her sights on which graduate path she would pursue. Chelsea, a CU Denver grad, was and continues to be a shining light of pride for both her parents and The Puksta Foundation. There is no boundary to the light you promise to spread upon this world Chelsea and we look forward to the illumination that you will bring to so many in need. Congratulations!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Anarely Marquez-Gomez

Seeing others achieve their full potential has been a major area of focus for Anarely. Often confronted with seeing the aspirations of the hopefull dashed by injustice, this CU Boulder grad strove to amend these ills through self-discovery and by working within the Created Raices organization. In addition, she worked to eliminate the “lives of fear” of her fellow dreamers by collaborating with groups such as AILA and assisting with legal workshops intended to address many of the concerns that have arisen from the increasingly abrasive interactions that have been occurring between ICE agencies and migrants. With her work and determination, there is a certainty that more will truly realize their full potential. Congratulations Anerely!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Ciera Blehm

Collaboration has been key for this DU grad. In her effort to fight against and raise awareness about sexual assault, she left no path untrodden in her quest. From working with social justice organizations to engaging and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, Ciera harnessed these experiences and the unique talents of those she collaborated with to focus her energies in creating the Into The Light awareness event. She intends to continue with her work by further enhancing her civic identity and striving to eliminate the darkness of sexual assault from her community. Excellent work Ciera!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Gaby Solano-Serno

Often reflecting upon the numerous obstacles and struggles of her own family’s pursuit of prosperity, Gaby is a CU Boulder grad intent on making healthcare more accessible and more abundant for migrant and undocumented populations within this nation. Working to achieve care access equality, especially within the currently conflictive political environment, she strove to work with individuals as well as non-profits that advocated healthcare education to those who are often barred access or were severely restricted because of their socio-economic and/or citizenship status. Through her undergraduate years, Gaby developed a passion that she intends to bring to many in the years ahead. Wellness is something that the world is so desperately in need of and we are certain that you will offer a great abundance of year energy and experience to help make good health a reality for so many who might otherwise not have. Excellent work and wishes for a most productive and prosperous future Gaby!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Marika Fama

University was an awakening for Marika. As her mind expanded, her eyes opened to the injustices and struggles of the world. Embracing her heritage and her identity as a first-generation student, she looked towards assisting others in helping them regain their cultural connections through food. Not only did her work bring home to the table of many estranged from their native lands, increasing awareness of food sources also served a dual purpose in alleviating food insecurity for many. She plans to attend graduate school where she’ll focus on food communication where she intends to further close the distances between nations and perceptions through the kitchen. You have given the Puksta organization a feast of achievements to celebrate Marika and today we offer you praise!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Tara McMurty

A champion of social justice issues, Tara is determined to assist those negatively impacted by the city’s recent growth and development. Focusing primarily on transportation, this CU Denver Master’s grad worked diligently to advocate for the rights and access of residents in the Globeville/Elyria-Swansea areas while demonstrating Puksta values and encouraging the youth of these areas that an “I can” attitude can have a phenomenally positive impact upon their neighborhoods and their futures. She collaborated with both the Sierra Club and Project VOYCE to create educational videos that addressed the I-70 expansion and heartfully promoted growth programs with compassion. She intends to continue this work and seek additional collaborators and methods of offering a voice to those often driven to the margins of society by the forces of rapid development. Tara, your diverse skills and great efforts are the reason why your work is so impactful and the Puksta family is proud to celebrate you and your achievements. You deserve hearty congratulations for what you have accomplished. Hooray to you!

Class of 2019 Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Bonilla

Andrea has worked for those who have often not known how to advocate for themselves. Spending two years within a police department, she witnessed the struggles of victims of domestic violence and sought ways to educate the public and improve their lives. Through data analysis and by creating The Source Summit event for marginalized high school students, Andrea gave a voice to the silenced and hope for the hopeless. She now works in a position where she can continue her work by engaging both victim advocacy organizations and law enforcement. We wish you success and happiness in your new life Andrea. We are certain that you will make the world a better place for everyone. Congratulations!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Cone Vaughan

For many underprivileged youths, the outdoors are something considered more accessible by those with wealth. Cone spent most of their undergraduate years addressing this and opened pathways to a natural world of wonder and exploration. By working with nonprofits with a similar focus, Cone was able to make Colorado’s bounty of camping, hiking, and outdoor sports a reality for children that were more familiar with their game systems, tv’s, and the occasional rec center than lakes, mountains, and trees. Cone’s passion for the outdoors continues as they intend to continue this work with the intent of creating a nonprofit that will expand on this concept, enabling many to enjoy nature and discover a confidence in themselves that the urban world usually affords the wealthy. Amazing work Cone and we celebrate you and the good work you’ve done!

Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Kevin McQuirk

Mentorship is no light task and Kevin proved more than up to the challenge. Creating the Impact the Youth mentorship program, he was able to work with numerous high school student who came from socio-economically disadvantaged origins, Kevin was able to reveal the path to prosperity through higher education in university and community college. Having benefitted from a similar mentorship program from CU Boulder, this CU Denver grad endeavored to make scientific methods and an academic future more accessible for students who wouldn’t have otherwise had such aspirations. Your hard work and great achievements are why we are proud to celebrate you and your status as a Puksta Alumni. Well done Kevin!