Anarely Marquez-Gomez

Two of the podcast episodes coming up on, Maybe It’s Rocket Science, will be going over immigration and DREAMERS. Our scholar, Anarely Marquez-Gomez, focuses on exactly that for her project. “My project has revolved around community organizing within the immigrant community. The program began as a series of Immigrant rights workshops addressing topics such as : Pathways to Citizenship, Citizenship Application Workshops, and What to Do if ICE is at Your Door. The program has now transitioned into ensuring DREAMERS on the CSU campus have adequate living solutions raging from, health care, scholarships, tuition, hate crimes, and other important issues. Currently the organization is engaging in negotiations with President Tony Frank and other school administration and has presented a list of recommendations.”

Leo Andrade

All of our scholars at Puksta do absolutely amazing contributions to their communities. One of which is Leo Andrade who aim to help minority and low Incomes students attain art related resources. “I was once part of an afterschool art program when I was in middle school. Before I joined I had no idea about what possible career path I would take or how I would get there once I decided. This afterschool program taught me how to use digital computer programs, illustrate, and network so that when I applied and entered college I’d be ready. I want other future students to have access to a collaborative environment that‚ goal is to do exactly that.”

Marwa Osman

Time to meet one of our amazing scholars! Marwan Osman has her focus on diversity and inclusion, here is what she has to say about her project, “My passion and interest for diversity stems from my own personal struggles with coming to terms with my cultural identity of being a Somali-American. It wasn’t until the end of high school that this mindset had faded away. I went to the Denver school of Science and Technology (DSST), DSST was continuously praised and prided itself for its diverse student population, and it was during my high school years, which I started to become surrounded by those who shared a similar cultural background. This is when I started to accept my cultural identity, as I was able to see the love some of my peers had for their cultures, and it inspired me to adopt this mindset. My passion for inclusivity drives my want to extend the everlasting impact my high school experience has given me and offer it to other higher-ed institutions.”

Rob Hatcher’s Mission

Social justice has always been my passion, especially since embarking upon my adventure into graduate education.  The Puksta foundation seemed like a natural fit for my pursuits and I was happy to undertake a poetry program at the Community College of Aurora to help junior college students discover their voice and agency, as a part of my fellowship.  The conversations and comradery that abounds at Puksta classes and gatherings literally fills me with optimism and I am proud to have been included within a group that contains some of the most incredible and mindful individuals that I might ever have a chance of knowing.  The fact that Puksta has empowered me to positively affect the lives and well-being of others is simply amazing and I hope to continue being one of the “good kids” that Harry and Eva wanted so badly to assist and promote.

Cicilia Saenz’s Puksta Experience

Hello! I am Cicilia Saenz or Cici which ever you prefer, this is currently my third year at MSU, hoping to get my degree in Special education with a concentration in CLD. As a Puksta scholar I have been able to make many wonderful connections, and for that reason it is something I have come to love. Within Puksta I have been able to learn my capabilities and what I can do with them, such as informing people of something I am very passionate about. I have also met some wonderful people that have many amazing qualities that I have been able to learn from and will hold in my heart. As a Puksta scholar my goal is to reach out to low-income communities and inform them of special education resources, so that parents and students are able to advocate for themselves if they feel that something in their education is missing. Within this project I also hope that students are able to learn that it is okay to need a little extra support. I hope to accomplish this by using all the resources that have been provided to me by Puksta.

Puksta Intercollegiate Winter Retreat 2019

Over the weekend of the January 19 th 2019, Puksta Scholars came together for the annual Puksta Collegiate Winter Retreat. The retreat hosted 64 scholars, and 6 coordinators at the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Denver, Colorado. Before heading out to the streets for the Womxn’s March, Kathleen Ferrick the coordinator from Denver University provided a quick overview of the Womxn’s March history and how it has developed into what it has become today. This was followed by Roudy Hildreth, the coordinator at CU Boulder. Roudy discussed how to be an observer rather than one who participates in these types of events, in order to understand and acknowledge numerous viewpoints from the side. After being very well-prepped for the march, scholars laced up their posters with Puksta colors, pamphlets, and matching balloons they were off to spread their passion. Once everyone was back at the Wells Fargo building, an amazing lunch spread by Illegal Petes was served. With sore feet, tired arms, and worn out vocals the scholars lined up to enjoy a taco spread to refuel for the rest of the day ahead. While everyone finished up their meals, Dr. Abbie Beacham, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UC Health and also the speaker for the weekend came to discuss resiliency. During a break between part 1 and part 2 of the Resiliency presentation, scholars participated in the first annual Puksta rock, paper, scissors tournament. After numerous rounds, Marwa Osman, won the award which comprised as a rock, a set of scissors, and a paper with an Amazon gift card taped to it. After the break, part 2 of resiliency presentation resumed and once those who volunteered to share was done, everyone was able to clean up the space and be presented with their hotel key cards for the Hilton down the road. Dinner was later served at Maggiano’s, an Italian restaurant downtown, where seniors presented their skits to the rest of the group and a fireside chat with Puksta Alumni, Travis and Amy Macy. Day two everyone went to breakfast at Hershner Room. After having breakfast, business continued back at the Wells Fargo Building where 5 scholars presented their projects to everyone else. Follow this link to watch the days unfold!

Watch the inspiring speech given at MSU’s Fall Commencement by Puksta Scholar, Luis Paredes

Puksta Scholar and Presidents Award Recipient, Luis Paredes, gave the commencement speech for Metropolitan State University. Luis graduated with a Bachelor’s of Accounting and a Master’s of Professional Accountancy in 5 years. All while working 45 hours a week, buying a home for his mother and father and raising $8,000 in scholarship funds for his Dreamer brothers and sisters. Way to go Luis!!

Click on the video below to hear his story, the power of positive impact, finding your motivation and making the right choices for our communities.

Are You Curious Enough?

Are you curious enough? This is what one of our Puksta Scholars, Allie Grossberg, asked in relation to the health of your mind and how it relates to your susceptibility to certain degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Click on the video above to learn more about Allie and her Puksta Project.