Our History

Harry was born in Chicago, Illinois and was a veteran of WWII where he fought in North Africa. Eva, an only child, was a farm girl from Albion, Nebraska. She moved to Denver, CO to work at the veteran’s administration office. Upon his return from the war, Harry walked into that same office, saw Eva, and the rest is history. They got married and moved into a ranch style house in the DU neighborhood, where they lived the rest of their lives. The house was full of knittings that Eva handmade and owls she loved to collect. Harry and his only brother started a construction business, building roads throughout Denver.

After his brother passed away, Harry and Eva began to buy land and properties around town and became landlords. They were a strong and compassionate couple that valued honesty and hard work. In early 1999 Eva was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is when they decide to sit down with John Mulstay to discuss what to do with their estate, given that they had no heirs. They loved Denver and loved Colorado and wanted to build a foundation to bequest their legacy to “the good kids of Colorado, so they could be afforded the chance to go to college.” These were the only instructions given to John. On July 2nd, 1999 Eva was admitted to Swedish Hospital due to complications, the next day Eva passed. On July 4th Harry suffered a heart attack and could not recover. John was the person they trusted to fulfill their wish in the case they should die together. He kept that promise.

Thanks to a friendship and a promise fulfilled we as a foundation now have over 200 alumni and current scholars at Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver and most recently the Metropolitan State University.


Their legacy lives on in the good that these alumni and scholars do in our world.

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