Metropolitan State University

The goal of MSU Denver “is to become the preeminent public urban university in the nation.” That’s a high bar, but MSU Denver is well on its way to meeting that goal guided by their Five Strategic Themes, that include Student and Academic Success as well as Community Engagement and Regional Stewardship.

Coordinator Info
Alyssa Marks

Alyssa is the Civic Engagement & Public Service Careers Program Manager in the Classroom to Career Hub at Metropolitan State University of Denver focusing on the Puksta Scholarship program and supporting students in their career journey. After discovering a connection to working with community, Alyssa pursued her Master in Social Work degree with a focus on Community Organizing with children, youth, and families at the University of Michigan. Directly after graduate school, Alyssa spent two years in Mali, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer building educational programming. Once she came back to the States, she moved out to Colorado to enjoy the great outdoors and continued her work in community engagement supporting school aged students and their families, which is ultimately how she came to work at MSU Denver and with the Puksta Scholars. Alyssa enjoys baking, hiking, skiing, and time with her husband, family, and friends outside of work!