John Mulstay, Founder/President of the Board

John Mulstay, a prominent figure in the Colorado investment landscape, serves as the Executive Director at a distinguished investment firm. His journey into philanthropy began when he founded The Puksta Foundation in 2000. Harry and Eva Puksta, recognizing John’s dedication to his work and the community has always been driven by his heart and an unwavering work ethic, they entrusted him with the monumental task of channeling their life earnings towards supporting the aspirations of deserving youths or “good kids” (as they put it) within the community. John, a trusted advisor to Harry and Eva, was instrumental in translating their vision into reality after their untimely passing. Honoring their legacy, he established The Puksta Foundation in 2000 and has since been steadfast in its mission of providing scholarships to deserving individuals.

Originating from New York, John pursued his B.A. in Business and Economics at the State University of New York at Oneonta before making Colorado his home in 1992. Residing in Denver with his wife and their cherished dog, Izzy, John leads a life balanced between his professional endeavors and his passion for outdoor activities. He finds solace and adventure in snowboarding, hiking, and scuba diving whenever time permits, relishing moments in nature while continuing to steer The Puksta Foundation towards its philanthropic goals.

NiChel Mulstay, Executive Director/Board Member

As the Executive Director at the Puksta Foundation, NiChel Mulstay is a dedicated and passionate leader committed to creating positive change through education and community engagement.

Since 2009, NiChel has been an integral part of The Puksta Foundation’s journey, starting as a dedicated volunteer and steadily progressing through various roles. With a dynamic trajectory encompassing positions as Director of Development and Community Outreach, and Director of Operations, NiChel now steps into the role of Executive Director in 2024.

Her tenure at the foundation reflects her unwavering commitment and passion for its mission. NiChel’s evolution within the organization underscores her invaluable contributions and deep understanding of the foundation’s operations, growth, and community engagement.

A proud Colorado native with a deep connection to her home state’s unique landscapes and diverse communities, NiChel is driven to make a difference in the lives of the Puksta Scholars and foster empowerment within communities through education.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Colorado Denver, NiChel Mulstay firmly believes that education is the key to a thriving society. She understands the transformative power of knowledge and is dedicated to ensuring that every individual has access to educational opportunities that can shape their future. NiChel is committed to breaking down barriers and creating a more equitable educational landscape, where everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, can have equal access to the tools and resources necessary for success. NiChel’s lifelong love of learning, deep interest in biology and alternative healthcare have led her to become a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Meditation Instructor. She integrates self-care, mindfulness and healing practices into the foundation’s initiatives, recognizing the importance of nurturing both the mind and body for personal growth and well-being. Through her dedication to healthcare, holistic healing, and personal growth, NiChel showcases the power of having multiple passions and skill sets. Her diverse expertise allows her to bring a holistic approach to operations and support the Puksta Foundation’s mission of creating positive change through education and community empowerment.

Beyond her professional pursuits, NiChel Mulstay has a deep love for animals of all kinds and cherishes the beauty of nature. She finds solace and inspiration in paddle boarding, gardening, scuba diving, hiking, practicing yoga, and engaging in activities that allow her to tune in with her creative side. Connecting with nature and being around water rejuvenate her spirit and serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings. As the Executive Director, NiChel remains dedicated to building strong relationships, fostering community collaborations, and championing the Puksta Foundation’s mission. With a blend of passion, expertise, and a compassionate heart, she continues to make a lasting impact in her role at the Puksta Foundation.

Laurie Mulstay, Board Member

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Puksta Mascot

Isabelle aka “Izzy” 10/9/19 -PresentShe is a symbol of the Puksta Love that runs through the heart of our programs. She is still a playful puppy and is constantly learning to overcome obstacles in her life, as we all are working to overcome and tackle issues in our community.

Molly 8/8/01-3/16/18 – Our very first Puksta mascot will never be forgotten. She lives on in the spirit of Puksta. She brought so much joy to all of us, whether it was running around at Puksta retreats trying to get in on a soccer game, interrupting with her cuteness while we were trying to listen to a presentation or snuggling in the arms of a Puksta Scholar to show some unconditional love. We love and thank you Molly for teaching us to be better and all the precious memories you gave us.