Dominica Manlove

Colorado State University - 2020

My project is titled “Be Yourself and Own It” it is a week long campaign designed to defeat the perception of beauty and spotlight the uniqueness in being different and yourself! In middle school I was teased and persuaded by society to change myself to be “beautiful.” Society's ideologies influences us to believe that we are not beautiful in our own skin if we do not fit a certain criteria, we are here to change that.

This will shine public light on low self-esteem and give young girls reasons to love themselves. The objective is to promote self love and natural beauty by sending out tips for self care, useful for both men and women from different backgrounds to use. The campaign will be based around curly hair ladies with extensive curly hair tips since it is what I am most passionate about. Although not limited to curly, everyone is welcomed to use these tips and experiment with them. The tips/messages will spread with posters and social media outlets Mon-Fri, the main event Saturday will consist of showcasing different types of hair along with their journey, different skin types, recommended curly hair products, special guest appearances, and more. I have learned year’s worth of tips and care willing to share with everyone for their personal growth. Young curly haired girls grow up without self love for their curly hair, always wanting it to be straight we have a duty to change that. The goal is for young women to leave the main event happy, free, and ready to fall in love with their new kinky curl journey. We will overcome society 1 kinky curly sister at a time.