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Puksta Foundation offers scholarships to students ready to get involved in causes on and beyond their campuses.

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The college years are about something more, something special, something significant, something we at Puksta Foundation call civic engagement. Check out the projects that our scholars have worked on, spanning from human rights to researching the educational barriers for undocumented students.

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Ethnic Studies Puksta Fellows presented during this CU Denver’s RaCAS on Equality, Justice, and Dignity for all!

5 of our amazing Ethnic Studies Puksta Fellows presented during this CU Denver’s Annual Research and Creative Activities Symposium: True Apodaca, Binh Phan, Alisya Rodriguez, Tiffany Tasker, and Ji Yoon. They are presented on behalf of Equality, Justice, and Dignity for all. They all did an absolutely outstanding job! A special congratulations to Ji Yoon, who  won… Read more »

CSU Puksta Passage

The night was full of love and laughter as we welcomed in our new Puksta Scholars Jada Johnson, Dominic Baca and Leonardo Andrade and celebrated our Puksta graduates. Dear Puksta Alumni Network, please help us welcome in Bailey Cross, David Purcella and Eduardo Hernandez! Soon to be joining them in December are Kiri Michell and Stephanie… Read more »

Reydesel Salvidrez Rodriguez honored with the Rosa Parks Diversity Award!

Rosa Parks Diversity Awards This annual award honors faculty, staff, students, and community organizations whose contributions to diversity at CU Denver embody the spirit of Civil Rights pioneer, Rosa Parks. With the work that Reydesel Salvidrez Rodriguez is doing with his Puksta Project in his community and on campus, Rey was the only student this year… Read more »

The Puksta Foundation promotes civic engagement among students at five of Colorado's top universities. How? By offering scholarships to students ready to get involved in causes on and beyond their campuses. Human rights. Impacts of music education on at-risk students. Get-out-the-votes efforts. If you've got a desire to make a difference in your community, you may qualify for a Puksta scholarship.

Learn how you or someone you know can become a Puksta Scholar and read about the fine work Puksta Scholars are doing today in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and beyond.


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