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Puksta Foundation offers scholarships to students ready to get involved in causes on and beyond their campuses.

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The college years are about something more, something special, something significant, something we at Puksta Foundation call civic engagement. Check out the projects that our scholars have worked on, spanning from human rights to researching the educational barriers for underserved students to bringing back arts and music in schools and making sure there is access to nutritious food for everyone.

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Scholar Spotlight: Mateo Manuel Vela (CU Boulder ’22) Talks About His Work in Bringing Arts Back to Underprivileged Students

On this edition of Scholar Spotlight, we talk with Mateo Manuel Vela and the way he’s using spoken word poetry to bring a creative emotional outlet to students in these very challenging times. Watch Below: Aristotle famously said, “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” The spirit of that quote… Read more »

Scholar Spotlight: Betelhem Tewodros (MSU ’22) Discusses her COVID-19 Assistance Project for the Members of Her Hometown of Jijiga, Ethiopia

We recently had the pleasure of virtually sitting down with current Puksta Scholar Betelhem “Betty” Tewodros to discuss the work her and her father have been doing to help the people of her hometown of Jijiga, Ethiopia. Watch now below: Betty was only eight years old when she left Jijiga with her family to come… Read more »

Puksta Alum William Mundo Celebrates ARCS Award and Announces New Book on Equity in Medicine

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It’s an old adage, but one that certainly applies to Puksta alum and Student Doctor William Mundo. Through a global health pandemic and growing inequality he has not only persevered, but strived, in his relentless pursuit for medical education and health equity for marginalized communities. Mundo… Read more »

The Puksta Foundation promotes civic engagement among students at five of Colorado's top universities. How? By offering scholarships to students ready to get involved in causes on and beyond their campuses. Human rights. Impacts of music education on at-risk students. Get-out-the-votes efforts. If you've got a desire to make a difference in your community, you may qualify for a Puksta scholarship.

Learn how you or someone you know can become a Puksta Scholar and read about the fine work Puksta Scholars are doing today in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and beyond.


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The impact of COVID-19 on our Puksta Scholars has been devastating.

Several of our Puksta Scholars have lost family members to this virus, many are dealing with the loss of their jobs and income, most have lost their housing and access to food, and almost all have struggled to maintain the support systems they had prior to the pandemic.

Please join us in providing immediate financial support to our Puksta Scholars who are facing growing challenges meeting their basic human needs of food, shelter, access to healthcare, and adequate technology to continue their education remotely.