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Puksta Foundation offers scholarships to students ready to get involved in causes on and beyond their campuses.

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The college years are about something more, something special, something significant, something we at Puksta Foundation call civic engagement. Check out the projects that our scholars have worked on, spanning from human rights to researching the educational barriers for underserved students to bringing back arts and music in schools and making sure there is access to nutritious food for everyone.

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Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Angelica Prisciliano

Angelica seeks knowledge and the rights of others to pursue the same. Focusing on the undocumented in Colorado, she endeavors to grow their knowledge of their rights and their access to a college education. Inspired by her history with hard-working migrant families, this MSU student is currently developing a network where the undocumented can obtain… Read more »

Puksta Scholar Spotlight: Aliyah Williams

Aliyah wants to help those who often can’t help themselves. In her time with Puksta, this DU student has been engaged in raising awareness and promoting mental health, especially for both those who are economically disadvantaged and those within the prison system. Fascinated by the human brain, she works to educate others on the complexity… Read more »

Puksta Self-Care: Walking the Block

Hiking the trails is great, but why wait for the weekend to stretch those legs and enjoy some fresh air? Studies can sometimes create insular attitudes, so don’t allow your dorm or apartment to become a place of confinement. As simple as some sweats and sneakers, taking a walk is not just getting some light… Read more »

The Puksta Foundation promotes civic engagement among students at five of Colorado's top universities. How? By offering scholarships to students ready to get involved in causes on and beyond their campuses. Human rights. Impacts of music education on at-risk students. Get-out-the-votes efforts. If you've got a desire to make a difference in your community, you may qualify for a Puksta scholarship.

Learn how you or someone you know can become a Puksta Scholar and read about the fine work Puksta Scholars are doing today in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and beyond.


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