Aaron Staten

University of Colorado Denver - 2025

Social equity, servicing the disenfranchised (those who truly wish to do more, but don't have enough resources), the unhoused, climate change (from an organic vegan perspective)

Major: Entrepreneurship (Business School)

Project: Free (wireless) internet for impoverished students and those on EBT/Medicaid.

Inspiration: I hacked video games at the age of 8 (1997) and am very knowledgeable about anything dealing with computers and networking. I founded my own computer repair business around the age of 15 that is still in operation, going on for 2 decades. This project won’t take much funding other than equipment costs. I have friends in the South who can professionally climb towers and set everything up.

Future Goals: Providing resources for those who can’t afford internet, even with the ACP program which takes $30 off any eligible internet service provider. I’ve run out of internet on my phone and had to pay more, so I can imagine how much more it impacts those even less unfortunate than I am. This will include home and mobile internet, so one can stream videos on khan, YouTube, or any medium and never worry about at least one resource needed for a proper education.