Alisya Rodriguez

University of Colorado Denver - 2018

Created a youth program for children building self-identity through the arts.

Project: A youth program designed to help children self-identify, raise cultural awareness, and help strengthen creative intelligence through cultural dance and art.

Inspiration: I am a lover of both dance and culture and I believe it is important for people to be sensitive to other cultures. I think the best way to open doors to new worlds is through art and dance. Participating in cultural dances that are different than your own can bring no harm and can spark motivation to dive deeper into learning about ones culture.

Future Plans for Project: I hope to help students become more aware of who they are and be able to explain where they came from and identify what certain traditions, symbols, languages and/or practices that their family participates in. From here I hope these students can compare the differences and similarities between their practices and others with an open and sensitive mind, all while having fun through dance and art.