Alondra Palomino

University of Colorado Boulder - 2018

Created a program to facilitate parent workshops on the college application process.

Project: This year I really want to put together all of my work that I have done the past year. Ideally, I would love to have a consistent schedule or program in which I continue to facilitate parent workshops on the college application process but also include more diversity into the presentation. I would like to have one presentation every two weeks on different topics. One major topic I would like to discuss would be having a safe space to allow for an open dialogue on the current political climate in which parents can feel free to express their feelings. I also want to have one day where an immigration attorney comes and discusses how undocumented immigrants are being affected and how to help the cause. I have come to enjoy doing the presentations but I also want to have an impact and a project that can be sustainable and I can continue doing past graduation.

Inspiration: My family has always been my biggest support system and inspiration for my Puksta Project and life in general. Coming from an undocumented mother and most of my family belong undocumented, I have always felt the need to protect them and involve myself in organizations and activities that support them. I feel have the duty to prove to them and myself that their sacrifice was worth it. As a first generation student I also want to show my siblings that it is possible to achieve higher goals with perseverance, sacrifice and help with the process.

Future Plans for Project: I hope that through my parent workshops there are parents who feel more comfortable in tackling the college application process and feel more confident in supporting their student through their new journey. I also hope that those parents then can help out other parents and students, becoming into cycle. I want to make sure that even though students are supposed to get post secondary education information in high school there is still a lack of support for those students and it is important for them to have a strong support from their parents.