Anahi Sarmiento Garcia

University of Colorado Boulder - 2026

student debt, homelessness, mentoring, healthcare

Major: Computer Science and Business Integration

Project: During my time at Puksta, I want to continue working on the program I started in my hometown school district, “Habriendo Puertas,” which focuses not only on first-generation, minority students but also the parents. We try to keep parents in the loop as much as possible so that they don’t fall into a hole of fear and stop their kids from continuing their education.

Inspiration: What inspired me to choose this project was that I went through this and I know many people whose parents also felt like this. Towards the end of our senior year, we discovered that parents are usually more understanding of things when they know what’s going on as far as what college is about.

Future Plans: I hope to see more people of color attending big universities. Diverse and inclusive schools would make people feel more welcome and incentivize more people to attend.