Anh Bui

Colorado State University - 2024

Access to Higher Education

Major: Biology

Project: My current plan for the upcoming school year is to expand the mentorship program I have. I want to create a website with information that can benefit high school students coming from low-socioeconomic schools. This website will have resources like internships, pre-collegiate programs, Q&A, and information about college (applying, resume, cover letter, etc.

Inspiration: I decide to choose my Puksta Project based on my personal experience with Denver Public School. I felt that coming from a low-income school and as a first-generation student I didn’t have the resources that other students from wealthier schools had. This made applying to college harder since I wasn’t as competitive as the other students that had more resources. I spend hours at a time looking for opportunities outside of my school that would help me gain more experience and make me a better candidate. In this project, I want to be able to build connections with students in my community and offer them the support that I wish I had.

Future Goals: I hope to be able to build connections with these high school students and offer them my support and knowledge. Also, I hope that I am about to encourage and educate more students to attend college and the process so that it doesn’t seem so scary.