Binh Phan

University of Colorado Denver - 2018

Educating and increasing awareness of the Asian Minority Myth

Project:  1. To educated and increase awareness to others on the history of where the model minority myth came from and how it became a political narrative against other minority group.

2. To learn the methods involved in qualitative research and carry out a research project on the AAPI students population at CuDenver

3. To Create a Space for a AAPI students to share their stories/struggles to others through the use of interview/oral history

4. To developed and plan a space/event to showcase the stories of AAPI who does not fit the Model Minority Myth narrative by the sharing of their stories to the public for final project

Inspiration: As an Asian American student, I went through the same problem of trying to navigate through the school system while dealing with all the pressure on me. I hope to help students after me.

Future Plans for Project: I hope to dismantle the Asian Minority Myth and I also hope to help AAPI students after me. I hope they understand the different issues in their own community and continue to build a network of community engagement.