Blanche Marie Ndoutou

University of Denver - 2020

Working with the African Community Center and help others who came to the US like me to have a better transition.

Project: My Puksta Project for this year is to use the organization I co-created on campus, African Students United, in order to reach out to African Community Center and work with them. I would like to start by contacting ACC and asking them how myself and my organization could best create a change. I want to do some volunteering works with ACC throughout the year.

Inspiration: I came to the US as a refugee. I experienced growing up in this country as a foreigner. I want to help others who came to the US like to have a better transition in their new homes.

Future Plans for Project: I hope to make a difference to the people around me. I hope to make people around me happy and I hope to be satisfied with the work I’ve done.