David Campos-Cardenas

Metropolitan State University - 2019

Working with MSU Dreamers Network and DSF in teaching undocumented high school students the principles of college.

Project: My goal is to empower the DACA / Undocumented students by showing them lawful knowledge. I am apart of two organizations, MSU Dreamers Network and DSF. At the MSU Dreamers Network; I gave knowledge to teachers and admin here at MSU. We conducted multiple presentations with the goal of giving faculty a little bit more understanding about the DACA community and how they can help strength our presence. With DSF, I help mentor DACA high school students. I teach them the principles of applying to colleges and scholarships.

Inspiration: I was once in their shoes. I don’t want any student feeling like they can’t go to college because of their citizenship status.

Future Plans for Project: I hope to make students feel like they have the capability of attending college. I want to make them feel like they’re worth a lot more then what they think.