Dominica Manlove

Colorado State University - 2020

Creating a campaign to promote self-love and natural beauty.

Project: ” My project is titled Be Yourself and Own It! it is a campaign designed to defeat the perception of beauty and spotlight the uniqueness in being different and yourself! Society’s ideologies influences us to believe that we are not beautiful in our own skin if we do not fit a criteria. The objective is to promote self love and natural beauty for both men and women from different backgrounds to use. The campaign will be based around curly hair ladies since it is what I am most passionate about although everyone is welcomed to use these tips. The goal is for young women to leave happy, free, and ready to fall in love with their new journey. ”

Inspiration: The perception that beauty is based on appearance alone is false. Being beautiful in appearance is a blessing, however; it’s really the uniqueness in being different, that defines true beauty. In middle school, I was teased about my thick bushy eyebrows and my voluminous, curly hair. I didn’t want to wear my glasses because it wasn’t cool to have, four eyes. I figured, the only way I could be pretty was if I straightened my hair and thinned my eyebrows. Today, I have been able to overcome that and would like to stand up and advocate for those who are going through what I went through.

Future Plans for Project: It’s important that young girls have a respectable role model to look up to. If women come together and support young girls they will grow to love themselves the way God created them. I want to play an active role by engaging with other young ladies. Building diversity, and helping them to learn how to love themselves and embrace their identities is what I hope to accomplish.