Dulce Olmedo

Colorado State University - 2022

Raising awareness on-campus for incidents of bias

Major: Biological Science (BA)

Project: My project will be used as a tool to raise awareness on-campus for incidents of bias. As well as market the resources available, such as reporting and support systems. A part of my project is to train Resident Assistants on how to deal with such reports and where to refer students. Another major part of my project is to create an online portion much like the alcohol and sexual assault workshops that are completed by incoming freshmen. My project is a form of intervention meant to inform, and educate. and decrease incidents of bias.

My passion for change and non-conformity is what inspired my project. There are many times when individuals are victims of hate crimes. In many of these cases, they are swept under the rug or when they are addressed nothing else happens besides an apology. On campus, many students do not know there is a reporting system for incidents of bias or how to go about it when they become victims.

Future Plans:
The main goal of my project is to be a form of intervention. I want to be able to educate students specifically incoming freshmen. By doing so they can be aware and conscious of how certain actions and comments are not acceptable as a member of any community.