Elizabeth Navarro

University of Denver - 2026

First Generation Student Success

Major: Real Estate and Built Environment

Project: This year I truly want to focus on helping incoming first-generation college students with the college process! I am trying to find an internship that will help me connect with these students, I am focusing on the Denver Public School district because of its high rate of first-generation students!

Inspiration: As a first-generation student myself, I want to help others figure out their pathway to/ with college. The whole college process was very difficult for me and I had to go through it alone because it was something new for myself and both of my parents. It was stressful and overwhelming and I hope to take those feelings away for other students in the same circumstance.

Future Plans: I hope to help as many students as I can figure out how to fill out all different kinds of college documents, apply to colleges, sign up for campus tours, and ultimately help them figure out their next steps after high school.