Jada Johnson

Colorado State University - 2021

Creating a creative community with fine arts opportunities for low-income children of color

Project: Students for COLOR is a project that focuses on creating a creative community with fine arts opportunities for low-income children of color, who do not receive an arts education through a school or other private for-profit programs. Students for COLOR is a mentorship program that connects students who have received Arts training and have a love for the fine arts, an opportunity to teach and mentor younger students who do not receive a strong, comprehensive arts education through school. For students and by students this project is meant to give the power back to students, create community, and remind young artists that they can uplift one another.


Inspiration: Arts are seen as disposable within the American government and this specifically targets and disadvantages marginalized communities and communities of color. The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth study analyzes the benefits or lack thereof, from an Arts education. The study’s key findings include that an Arts education promotes better academic outcomes, higher career goals, and leads top students being more civically engaged than students who did not have arts accessible to them.


Future Plans for Project: I want to create a strong community within the art youth. Creating programs that directly connect an ethnically, economically, and socially diverse group of students and furthermore gives them the freedom to make art, run programs, teach lessons and receive collegiate-like experience in High School.