Jamie Frausto

University of Colorado Denver - 2027

Affordable Housing & Social Equality

Major: International Business

Project: I’m passionate about creating practical housing solutions for the unhoused along with programs and resources that assist individuals with obtaining services that can be beneficial to helping them improve their lives. I believe that shelter is a basic human necessity and if we made housing accessible to all, we can decrease the amount of unhoused individuals and lift others from the brink of poverty.

Inspiration: I became inspired to solve housing issues affecting individuals living in poverty due to the rise of the unhoused population in the city and county of Denver. Witnessing the growth of homelessness change the face of the city, made me want to make a difference that would affect each and every resident.

Future Goals: I hope to engage the community of Denver and active city legislators to collaborate on initiatives that transform the housing opportunities for residents living in Denver regardless of their income and social status. Together we can improve not just the lives of the unhoused, but make our city one that provides opportunities to all.