Jhovani Becerra

Metropolitan State University - 2019

Focusing on organizing the southwest community to prepare the immigrant community.

Project: My Puksta Project will focus on organizing the southwest community to prepare and combat the attacks on the immigrant community. This includes “Know Your Rights” informational workshops on interactions with police and ICE agents. We will also organize in our community to support and pass legislation in aid of these attacks. As of recently, we will focus on the DACA repeal and push congress and our representatives to support the Dream Act and Bridge Act.

Inspiration: As an undocumented immigrant, I have been exposed to the social inequities in our culture. There are forms of systematic oppression that linger in our communities. Education and opportunity is the reason why my parents made the sacrifice to immigrating to the United States. Education is important to me and I believe that everyone deserves access to a proper education regardless of where they come from.

Future Plans for Project: My overarching goal is to reach educational equity for everyone. I want to remove all of the barriers that have stopped many of my friends and people from obtaining a college level education.