Karen Nunez Sifuentes

Metropolitan State University - 2021

Create awareness of resources and college opportunities through mentorship

Project: Support/mentor underrepresented high school students and their families. Through my mentorship, I want to create awareness of resources and college opportunities. I want to encourage them to pursue a college career and remove any obstacles that might prevent them from attending college.

Inspiration: Ever since I started college at MSU Denver, I have had this passion to help underrepresented high school students pursue a higher education. I am a Mexican woman pursuing a biochemistry major, and it has not been easy. I often encounter obstacles, such as not having enough opportunities available or being looked down upon because it is uncommon to see people like me in the science field. I want my experience and story to encourage kids to go beyond their limits and provide them with an unlimited amount of resources and opportunities.

Future Plans: I hope that I will be able to visit different schools and organize events with students and their families to provide resources and inform them about college. I want to provide resources so they are able to accomplish anything they want, regardless of their situations. I do not want kids to simply give up their dreams because of their race, a lack of money, or a lack of support from family and friends.