Maddy Kessler

University of Colorado Denver - 2024

Working with local communities to inform people on gentrification and the ongoing displacement happening in Denver.

Major: Architecture and Planning

Project: I am hoping to learn how to best give these resources out to local towns and maybe even get a stronger engagement with the people in each neighborhood! I am currently researching how best to engage people to come together, as well as talk with government agencies with a powerful voice.

Inspiration: I was shocked to learn how many people did not know about redlining and the systemic issues that shaped where people live in this state. Many don’t know about the resources they have so they aren’t forced to move, and I want more regulation on the amount of gentrification that has been happening to Coloradans.

Future Plans: I hope to slow the ongoing displacement happening and raise awareness of the devastating impacts it has on the economy and local people.