Marwa Osman

University of Colorado Boulder - 2021

Promoting diversity on campus

Project: Initially, I wanted to complete a project that brings awareness to wildlife conservation and why it should be taken seriously, as the well-being of Earth is at a stake. However, as time progress I became passionate about exploring other topics. Right now, I am still in the researching and brainstorming stage; however, more and more I am finding myself becoming more interested in implementing diversity on campus or diversity on campus in general. As I struggle with accepting my cultural background in the past and I feel a personal connection with the cause.

Inspiration: As I mentioned before, I struggled with accepting my cultural identity, and it wasn’t until a few years ago where I reached a level of contentment of who I am. I feel my ability to reach a point where I was aware and proud of who I am, was my greatest accomplishment in high school and it’s no wonder I am so passionate about diversity now.

Future Plans for Project: I hope am able to provide some sort of emphasis of the true vaule of diversity, and why