Mayra Luna

University of Colorado Denver - 2025

Immigrant issues - resources for people who are coming into the country.

Major: Psychology

Project: Some ideas I have for my pathway are something related to immigration. it can either be providing resources or food or providing information for people who want to become residents.

Inspiration: What inspired me was my own family. My dad is in the process of hopefully becoming a resident and my brother is in the DACA program. Also, I recently went to El Paso, Texas and I saw a lot of people from Central and South America in Juarez, Chihuahua, and on the border on El Paso and saw how people were struggling to survive in the cold and had no shelter and asking for people for money.

Future Plans: I hope to accomplish more awareness and people to learn how long and difficult the process of becoming a resident/citizen is. Many people don’t know the laws like I didn’t know and know the conditions of people who barely cross the border to the US.