Monica Simpson

Metropolitan State University - 2018

Establishing a student organization to support non-traditional female students.

Project: I will establish a Student Organization at Metropolitan State University of Denver to connect and support non-traditional female students in the unique challenges they face.

Inspiration: As a non-traditional student, returning to school after many years, I saw a lack of support for this student population. My peers and I face situations that are very different from traditional students, and while we are a sizable portion of the population on our campus, there aren’t many services designed to help us face our unique challenges. I’ve had many conversations with older classmates who feel the same, and I’d like to form an organization that helps us move towards graduation as well as a healthy life balance. We have a wealth of collective wisdom, and we need to use it to support and encourage one another towards our goals.

Future Plans for Project: With this project, I hope to provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere for the older female students on campus. It can be overwhelming to balance our academics with our other life commitments. We have the ability to help carry one another towards not only graduation but also our new professions. We have the experience and skills to make a great impact on our communities, and we need and deserve a place of mutual support so we can make the impact we’re hoping to. I would like to set an example of what supportive communities look like so that we can all take the experience with us to replicate in our new professional lives, whatever they may be.