Reina Ortiz

University of Denver - 2027

Educational Reform

Major: Public Policy

Project: I plan to learn about how different districts determine the conditions of their local schools. Through research and testimonial information, I seek to identify which policy method would work best for bringing equitable opportunities to all schools. On a large scale, education requires more local and federal investment, so that all children have access and opportunity.


Inspiration: Growing up I went to school to a densely populated public elementary school and then obtained a scholarship to attend a private school. This experience allowed me to see the differences between these two institutions of education, and how some children, given their economic background, are granted a much greater opportunity within their education. This difference had much to do with funding but was also influenced by culture, pedagogies, and expectations, all of which seemed influenced by race, class, and socioeconomic status. My hope is that all kids, regardless of background, have the opportunity to a quality education.

Future Plans: My hope is to learn more information about how the educational system affects younger children and in what ways it could be improved so that every child reach their highest potential. Through Public Policy, I’d like to learn how we can create sustained change for K-12 public schools in Denver and also across the US.