Rob Hatcher

University of Colorado Denver - 2019

Fostering voice and agency amongst community college students who are largely marginalized.

Project: He spent the spring semester of 2018 leading poetry workshops at the Community College of Aurora, where he uses creative writing as a means for helping students explore voice and agency. Rob says “What I appreciate about the Puksta Scholars program is that it has allowed me to make an actual difference in the lives of those who really need that extra hand up as they pursue both their academic and personal growth within a junior college environment. None of this would have been possible without the Puksta Fellowship and I am grateful that it has enabled me to have made (and to continue making) an actual impact in the lives of our future leaders.”


Inspiration: My form of activism married to my former community college.


Future Plans for Project: I hope to create active citizens who will harness their own voices to create change in the world.