Sara Hagos

University of Colorado Boulder - 2022

create a community in which people can learn more about their roots to encourage both collective cultural and individual growth

Project: In an attempt to create a community in which people can learn more about their roots, I will provide resources and a safe space which encourages both collective cultural and individual growth. I also hope to collaborate with other diaspora projects to emphasize the importance and beauty of being involved culturally.


Inspiration: Coming from a high school with a total minority enrollment of 76 percent has opened my mind to a variety of perspectives that have expanded my intellectual capabilities. Experiencing all of these different cultures took residence in my heart and helped me on my journey of cultural identity. Being an American born Ethiopian had proven to be difficult at times because I had yet to truly be immersed in all aspects of my culture. Eventually, I became quite comfortable within Ethiopian culture, but not without a struggle. Therefore, I want to help other diasporas along with their journey of cultural identity.

Future Plans for Project: I plan on show all individuals, especially diaspora, how important culture can be. I also hope that this acceptance of ones and others cultures can help break past barriers such as xenophobia and provide a safe place to present your culture proudly.