Tiffany Tasker

University of Colorado Denver - 2018

Teaching Financial Education to the youth (Middle School).

Project: My Puksta Project for the year is teaching Financial Education to the youth (Middle School). I will be working with the Financial Economic and Education Transformation (FEET) Center. I’ve decided to focus mainly on the Aurora School District considering they are a more diverse school district. I have noticed that the youth has a lack of financial education which is a necessity to have in order to successfully sustain yourself. Overall, as a community, the people who lack this knowledge are people who are African American, Native American, Mexican Indian, Asian American, etc. As a student, I have noticed that the Cherry Creek District students have business and finance courses that are more rigorous than Aurora and Denver Public Schools. By starting small I will teach finance at Aurora Public Schools and if my plan succeeds I will eventually move on to Denver Public Schools. I have started my project in making a Business Proposal to demonstrate to the schools or youth aimed organizations what I plan to do, budgeting cost for my project, and informing them about the FEET Center. My next step was to create the curriculum. After I finish the curriculum, I plan to teach finance where the youth group meets or as an after school program.

Inspiration: Well, I began as a student in finance club that was sponsored by the Financial Education Economic Transformation (FEET) Center. As I was in the program for four years I gained interest in the knowledge and developed an idea that the reason why many people are struggling to get through life is that they do not have background knowledge in financial education. That led me to want to continue to work with the FEET Center.

Future Plans for Project: With my civic engagement work, I hope to accomplish building a better community where people are able to sustain themselves and achieve their goals wisely.