True Apodaca

University of Colorado Denver - 2018

Using social media to inspire young artist and promote a non-profit Chicano art gallery

Project: I plan on using social media to promote a non profit Chicano art gallery to young artists and encourage them to use digital art as a tool to create awareness and provide a voice to the community.

Inspiration: Artists are the first on the scene to shed light on the social inequalities and movements. They are also the last forgotten. Colorado has one of the worst if not the very worst tax system in the country. One of the first things to get cut especially in lower income schools is the arts. The Chicano Humanities arts council is a non-profit art gallery in the Santa Fe arts district that provides a platform for local Chicano artists to display their work. The gallery also serves as a community space where other organizations can gather for meetings, fundraisers and other events. They provide art education to students now but they need to move forward into the 21st century and I plan on helping them do that.

Future Plans for Project: First things first, we need to create and establish a social media plan for short mid and long term. I hope to be able to set up a well oiled machine that any new communications team member can take over seamlessly. I hope to create program that maintains a digital media class which will teach local students basic skills of graphic design. I hope to secure funding for the program that will provide students who graduate from the program with a laptop computer and ideally the necessary accessories to pursue a career in digital media, graphic design or digital marketing.