Violet Gorrell

Metropolitan State University - 2018

Volunteering with organizations to help fight human trafficking.

Project: Be a mentor to incoming scholars. Meet and encourage others to join the organizations I volunteer with to eventually take my place when I find a full time job. Create more networks within the movement to open doors of possibility after graduation.

Inspiration: I was reading Runaway Girl by Carissa Phelps, the book chosen for the year and was paired with Phelps coming to speak at the university. The book was an autobiography about her experience being trafficked as a young girl, and it tore at my heart to the point where I knew I could not ignore the crime any longer. The first year I just did research, since Human Trafficking is a very broad and complex crime.

Future Plans for Project: I hope to help Denver become more educated and progressive with anti-trafficking efforts. I am engaging society with discussions about the topic, supporting education and awareness, and I hope to continue helping non-profits succeed in the community.