William Mundo

University of Colorado Denver - 2016

As an aspiring physician and public health professional I am interested in the intersections of micro and macro influences on health outcomes. I am an advocate for health equity and passionate about dismantling institutionalized barriers to health. For my project I worked with two bariatric surgeons, an endocrinologist and a family doctor to lead a research study that examined Opioid and Marijuana use and pain levels in patients seeking surgery as it relates to state policy changes specifically the legalization of recreational Marijuana. Given that recreational legalization was a recent move with little research and the increasing Opioid epidemic in Colorado, I was determined to investigate and do something about it. My project benefited the Colorado community to provide scientific literature on health outcomes, behaviors and the policy impacts to the quality of care for patients in our Colorado community.

I recently wrapped up the first year of my graduate program at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus where I am pursuing a M.P.H. with a concentration in Global Health Systems Management and Policy. This summer I was contracted by the Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials where I will be doing policy research analysis to assist local public health agencies with their efforts in implementing Health in All Policies. I will also be applying to medical school to further my training for my quest for health equity.

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