Yoseline “Yosii” Rivera

Colorado State University - 2026

Campus security, environmental issues

Major: Sociology with a concentration in criminology and legal study

Project: For my Puksta Project I want to research campus safety on campus. I believe for a student to be successful they have to feel safe on campus, being in an environment that is uncomfortable can take a mental toll on students.

Inspiration: I was inspired to work on this social issue due to my not feeling safe on campus, I then started talking to other students and noticed this wasn’t only affecting me but so many other students. I want my project to not only shed light on my issues but on others as well, I want my voice to be the voice for others as well.

Future Goals: I want to create an app where students have easier access to asking for help with a press of a button. There are a few blue lights on campus but not many students are aware of them, also having it on your phone is easily more accessible. This app will also be able to use discreetly to prioritize the students’ safety without having to call anyone.