Cicilia Saenz’s Puksta Experience

Hello! I am Cicilia Saenz or Cici which ever you prefer, this is currently my third year at MSU, hoping to get my degree in Special education with a concentration in CLD. As a Puksta scholar I have been able to make many wonderful connections, and for that reason it is something I have come to love. Within Puksta I have been able to learn my capabilities and what I can do with them, such as informing people of something I am very passionate about. I have also met some wonderful people that have many amazing qualities that I have been able to learn from and will hold in my heart. As a Puksta scholar my goal is to reach out to low-income communities and inform them of special education resources, so that parents and students are able to advocate for themselves if they feel that something in their education is missing. Within this project I also hope that students are able to learn that it is okay to need a little extra support. I hope to accomplish this by using all the resources that have been provided to me by Puksta.