Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Brendan Teck

Discovering community has been a quest of Brendan’s. Through research and project development, he aspired to create a community for fellow Asian American refugees that provided resources and support for those seeking to achieve a college education. Working both independently and collaborating with a diverse group of uniquely skilled colleagues, Brendan’s undergrad project-based strategy promised to clear the often cluttered road to higher education that has often proved impossible for so many to overcome. Through these efforts, Brendan wrote a new and more optimistic page in his family’s history. As he moves beyond graduation his project will shift from research to reality as he plans to extend this community and increase scholarship access and college admission support. As he realizes the community he has striven for, his work will create a clearer path towards academic excellence and future prosperity for many. You are truly a jewel in the Puksta crown Brendan and we celebrate you and your work! Congratulations!