Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Jhovani Becerra

Barriers have always been a problem for Jhovani. Barriers that stood in his way during his journey to this country and those that threatened to prevent him in his quest for an education. Having been an undocumented immigrant, he was exposed to the obstacles and challenges that many are unaware of and vowed to make things better for this silent population. During his time in university, Jhovani worked to tear these barriers down for not only for himself but for those who have also shared his experiences. Working in high schools to advocate for and guide younger students, Jhovani encouraged a path towards higher education and endeavored to assist and empower those who joined him on campus as fellow college students. Having graduated, he intends to continue his journey within institutions where skewed cultural traditions have created a disciplinary disparity for many who are simply seeking a better life. You have and continue to make us proud of your work and achievements. Congratulations and best wishes to you Jhovani!