Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Jorge Lomas

Hard work and persistence are nothing new to Jorge. From working with FEMA in the flood-ravaged city of Baton Rouge to assisting with the daily struggles of those who have come to this country to experience “the American dream”, he has repeatedly shown himself a person who is unafraid to get his hands dirty for a good cause. Mindful of the struggles and sacrifices his parents endured to allow him his opportunities, Jorge endeavors to pass their goodwill forward by both participating in public assistance programs and working individually with those who often find a monolingual existence too great an obstacle in achieving their prosperity in America. His efforts will continue past CU Denver as he continues his work as an Immigration Paralegal at Mercy Legal Aid Clinic and assists these populations in achieving computer literacy, particularly in regards to emergency aid response. Your prior good works and great future promise have not gone unnoticed Jorge and Puksta celebrates you!