CSU Puksta Scholar Showcase 2022!

Sam Desta, CSU Puksta Scholar Coordinator, created an absolutely beautiful evening for our Puksta Scholars to showcase their work! The scholars stood up one by one to address the audience and talk about the social impact issue they were addressing and why they were so passionate about it. The topics ranged from:

  • Mental health for first-generation students
  • Helping one just that one person realize that they can hope for more and they are enough
  • Bringing access to dental hygiene to the unhoused community and education on why it is so important
  • Helping Latine and undocumented students find their path to higher education
  • Awareness for missing and murdered Indigenous women
  • Mentorship for first-generation students towards post-grad
  • Addressing mental health for DACA/undocumented students
  • Resources to help ensure success for low-socioeconomic students
  • Working with high schools to enhance educational equity for English language learners.

And the list goes. They all are so dedicated and passionate about what they are doing. After they all spook we were then able to go around to each scholar and their poster to get a deeper understanding of their work. We are so proud of every single one of our Puksta Scholars This night helped shine a bright light on the level of love and hope that these Puksta Scholars are bringing to our communities.

Thank you and keep going Pukstas!!!