Marwa Osman

Time to meet one of our amazing scholars! Marwan Osman has her focus on diversity and inclusion, here is what she has to say about her project, “My passion and interest for diversity stems from my own personal struggles with coming to terms with my cultural identity of being a Somali-American. It wasn’t until the end of high school that this mindset had faded away. I went to the Denver school of Science and Technology (DSST), DSST was continuously praised and prided itself for its diverse student population, and it was during my high school years, which I started to become surrounded by those who shared a similar cultural background. This is when I started to accept my cultural identity, as I was able to see the love some of my peers had for their cultures, and it inspired me to adopt this mindset. My passion for inclusivity drives my want to extend the everlasting impact my high school experience has given me and offer it to other higher-ed institutions.”