Puksta Alum, Marco Dorado, is proof that sharing your story can have a great impact and reach ears on a national level!

 Nancy Pelosi shared Marco’s story during her eight consecutive hours on the chamber floor, fighting for immigration reform, with a in particular focus on those with DACA.



Pelosi says, “Marco Dorado was born in Mexico and moved to Denver’s Globeville neighborhood at the age of three. After attending Thornton High School as a student in the International Baccalaureate program, Marco attended the University of Colorado Boulder and graduated as student body president with a degree in finance. During his time at Colorado University, Marco received DACA, which has allowed him to begin his professional career while contributing back to his community. Currently, Marco is the program coordinator for the Latino Leadership Institute at the University of Denver.”

After a pause, Pelosi adds: “Beautiful story — once again demonstrating not only a commitment to education, a commitment to become doctors, whatever, but leadership. Every one of these has leadership, whether it’s leadership in the student government, leadership in community activities, leadership on the sports field. Leadership in every possible way. Extracurricular activities and the rest. And certainly Marco has demonstrated that trait typical of DREAMers.” ~ Michael Roberts, Westword

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