Puksta Alum Nicholas Martinez Fights Local Violence with Neighborhood Mural Project

Amidst times of unrest and uncertainty, Puksta Alum and Southwest Denver local, Nicholas Martinez, is leading the way to unite his community through art. Like many other Denver neighborhoods, his has seen a rise in violence over the last six months. Resiliently, he proclaims that his community is “not willing to stand by and allow it to continue to affect our neighborhoods.” He and many other have every right to be angry and frustrated, but Martinez is directing that energy towards something more positive.

In response to this violence, Martinez and other community members have started a mural project that will be displayed at the Kepner Middle School campus. “Part of our solution to stand agains that violence is to bring our community together and create a public message of remembrance and hope,” said Martinez.

“We can’t do this without our community” said Martinez. Local artists, organizers, youth, and educators, have all come together to begin bringing this project to the neighborhood. Still, help is always needed and appreciated. Martinez has set up this GoFundMe page for supporters to contribute in any way they can.