Class of 2018 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Alondra Palomino

Alondra has seen firsthand the struggles of the undocumented and as a first-generation citizen and new CU Boulder graduate, endeavored to eliminate many of the barriers that undocumented parents often experience when working to assist their children in the college application process. Leading a series of bi-weekly workshops, Alondra worked to create a safe space existed and where an open dialogue about a number of related topics was encouraged. This not only helped to demystify the college application process but offered a badly needed support resource for undocumented parents seeking a brighter future for their children. Furthermore, she worked to create a partnership with the Lafayette Peer Empowerment Project (LPEP) and have high school students facilitate this function after her departure from CU. Alondra is expanding the horizons of those struggling to realize the “American Dream” and the Puksta Foundation commends her for both her efforts and her accomplishments. Cheers to you Alondra!