Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Daniela Caro

Daniela is a student who is no stranger to hard work. Having achieved residency, this new CU Denver grad was heavily active in encouraging others to be politically active in this country. Daniela spent considerable time educating those in both her community and within her college about how valuable being able to vote actually is. In addition to attending rallies and becoming politically literate herself, she collaborated with numerous individuals and groups within the campus, which greatly enhanced her interpersonal skills. Now that she’s graduated, Daniela intends to continue working with a university group with whom she’d been previously associated: Road to Distinction. She also intends to continue her activity with a variety of non-profits like DSF and Volunteers in Partnership. A true champion of civic discourse, Daniela is a voice of empowerment and an advocate of agency that makes her star shine brighter than most. Puksta is proud to have both your energy and voice in the world and you within their ranks. Cheers to you!