Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Emina Mujezin

Having grown up within a community that didn’t promote healthy eating and perpetuated a belief that college was just simply financially unattainable, Emina endeavored to change these perceptions and promote student health and wellness on the DU campus. Forging a path of “inclusive excellence”, Emina led a nutrition program for her fellow students in which she also worked to promote fitness. Finding support in her local community and seeking solutions within a business context, Emina hopes to give back by developing a holistic approach that benefits to both the body and finances of those that have given her so much. Educating oneself can be challenging, but enriching others through academics and the promotion of financial planning is a challenge that Emina seems more than capable of accomplishing, especially her recent graduation. We celebrate your hard work and the promise you will bring to so many. Congratulations Emina!