Class of 2019 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Erin Rooney

Like a piece looking for the right puzzle, Erin found the Puksta Foundation and joined because she believed it would be a good fit. Similarly, she worked to help the incarcerated find their “fit” within society by assisting them with obtaining the skills and tools necessary for a life they might be either unaccustomed too or unprepared for. Not only did she help inmates hone their interview skills, but she also solicited donations of professional clothing that is so badly needed for the interview process. Now that she has graduated, Erin will look into creating her own non-profit that will expand on this concept, helping many to obtain that second chance they might not have otherwise. Not only did she become a valuable piece within the Puksta picture, but she also helped to make the lives of many much more hopeful and prosperous. Hooray to you Erin!