Class of 2018 Puksta Alumni Spotlight: Kiri Michelle

Eating healthy and regularly is often a silent obstacle for many students and Kiri worked diligently to remove this barrier for her fellow CSU scholars in a two-pronged approach. Not only did she have a “Freedge” (“Free + Fridge”) installed in one of the dorms, but also stocked a communal refrigerator in one of the student apartments buildings with free organic produce. Often prohibitively expensive for students, these goods were sourced from the CSU campus horticulture center, thereby creating a unique system where CSU students benefitted themselves. Not only did she provide students with nutritious food, Kiri removed a cost-barrier that is often present with organic produce. As an undergrad, she worked to expand the project to the entire campus and now envisions substantially eliminating student food access barriers as a graduate. Kiri is a shining star within the Puksta ranks and we are proud of the work she has done and will do. Cheers to you Kiri!