Puksta Coordinator Spotlight: Alyssa Marks

Alyssa is a woman driven by a love for social justice, the outdoors, good beer, and chocolate chip cookies. Raised in Dearborn Michigan, she is the most recent addition to the Puksta Coordinator posse and serves MSU as the Civic Engagement & Public Service Careers Industry Manager. A “Pioneer” and graduate of Dearborn High School, she completed her master’s degree in Social Work as a “Wolverine” at The University of Michigan. Continuing her family’s legacy of education and public service, she volunteered for Americorps prior to her graduate program and after graduation joined the Peace Corps where she journeyed to Mali to lead an adult literacy teacher training program.  

Making friends and opening minds in Mali, she eventually journeyed to the land of majestic Rocky Mountain peaks and cinnamon sunsets, where she would meet her husband through a mutual Peace Corps friend. Passionate about good skiing and better baking, Alyssa is a Colorado outdoor enthusiast and a self-admitted fan of The Great British Baking Show. Around town, she can often be found enjoying a brisk stroll in Wash Park, enjoying a good IPA or Sour at Cerebral Brewery, and feasting on “all things tuna” at Taki Sushi. She especially values the lazy late Colorado summers and is on the constant lookout for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie (Potbelly is the current leader).

Remembering the days of having to fight for a seat for a 45-minute bus ride from her college digs to her classes, Alyssa now fights for her MSU students where she champions them in numerous ways, including her duties as a Puksta Coordinator. A fan of the Auraria campus, Alyssa was drawn to her current MSU appointment by the non-traditional and diverse student body and envisions many years of prosperity and growth in the role. Still formulating her long term plans, she is considering furthering her education with either a PhD or EdD, in the coming years. Of her fondest Puksta memories, to date, she mentions the thrill she experienced when connecting on new project ideas and planning with the new scholars at the recent MSU Puksta meeting in October.

Alyssa is looking forward to the winter break where she intends to reconnect with her family back in Dearborn and is planning to wake them on Christmas morning with sizzling cinnamon rolls. Dreaming of one day vacationing in Ireland and Scotland, Alyssa looks forward to many years of avid Colorado living and keeping the Puksta torch held high. Puksta is strengthened by your passion for the scholars and celebrates your determination to ensure their success. Cheers to you Alyssa!