Puksta Coordinator Spotlight: Kathleen Ferrick

Serving the University of Denver, Kathleen is program coordinator for CCESL (D.U.’s Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning) and has also been working with the Puksta Scholars for nearly two years. A Denver resident since two, Kathleen attended East High School where she was an “East High Angel” and grabbed the occasional bite at the famous Denver eatery: Pete’s Kitchen. After graduation, she temporarily left the noise and congestion of Colfax and Denver for the wooded hills and quiet canyons of Boulder where she attained a B.A. in Psychology at C.U. It’s there where her interests in social justice started to come into focus when she attended an ethnic and gender studies class.

With her B.A. secured, Kathleen then returned to her beloved Denver where she attended D.U. and achieved a Master’s degree in Social Work. The days of skiing the Rockies and eating the sopapillas of Casa Bonita now long behind her, she began formally working for D.U. and is currently helping Pukstas achieve their dreams where Kathleen works hard to foster “spaces where student’s voices are heard.” She’s a vegetarian who enjoys pad thai, greek veggie omelets, and the occasional scoop of coffee ice cream. An aspiring home chef, she loves to cook and can often be found creating meals from one of her many vegetarian and vegan cookbooks. Sitting down with a bowl of steaming hot noodles and veggies, she likes to relax with an episode of HBO’s Succession and enjoys old episodes of Game of Thrones where Cersei is one of her favorites.

When not trecking through the numerous trails around Golden, she can be found listening to Indie 102.3, sitting at the benches by the Evans Chapel, waiting for her order at the Jerusalem Restaurant, or steeping her tea at Hooked on Colfax. Kathleen envisions a long future in higher education and intends to continue supporting students while working to increase the anti-oppression sentiment on her campus. She looks forward to her weekly meetings with the D.U. Puksta Scholars and dreams of vacationing in Colombia someday. Kathleen is a powerhouse of intellect and enthusiasm, dedicated to helping all the students (but especially those of the Puksta Scholar Program) achieve their dreams. Her hard work and diligence help to ensure their continued and future successes. Cheers to you Kathleen!