Puksta Coordinator Spotlight: Sam Desta

Sam is a lover of adventure who enjoys cold sushi, spicy chai, and Colorado summers. A graduate of Overland High School in Aurora, Sam ventured to Fort Collins where she attended CSU and attained a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Education degree consecutively. She has grown within the CSU community from working as a student to empowering them through a succession of positions within the university. Currently stationed as the CSU Community for Excellence Senior Coordinator, Sam has also been serving The Puksta Foundation as Coordinator since June. So far, her favorite Puksta moments have been when engaging with her fellow Coordinators and getting to know the CSU fellowship scholars at campus meetings.

Drawing from the experiences her family endured when they immigrated to the U.S., Sam became passionate about social justice and has sought to assist immigrant families and students in her adult life. She loves the CSU campus and can be often found sitting near a window facing the sun, walking on the Oval, or visiting the lagoon. A fan of Thai or Sushi take out, Sam is an admitted media buff who enjoys too many tv shows to list and loves to snack on the occasional madeline. She enjoys passing the time with board games and taking care of her plants. She dreams of her next relaxing vacation in her homeland of Ethiopia and doesn’t regret leaving the anxiety-inducing lifestyle of endless homework from her student days.

Though the future looks bright for her, Sam is still formulating her next step and envisions a future continuing her work and helping fellow immigrants through educational and career transitions. Sam is a professional, who is mindful, spirited, and optimistic while keeping a protective watch over her students, especially her Puksta scholars. Puksta is looking forward to many years of your lending compassion, grit, and enthusiasm to the effort and celebrates your inclusion within their family. Cheers to you Sam!